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We have a small pack of European grey wolves here at Highland Wildlife Park and you can see them in Wolf Wood, which was opened by our royal patron, HRH The Princess Royal, in 2010.


  • Wolves used to be found throughout much of the northern hemisphere, including here in Scotland. They have suffered a huge decline and have become extinct through much of their European range since the middle ages
  • Wolves are present in the myths and legends of most European cultures. Often harmfully depicted as a bad omen, symbol of danger and witchcraft
  • Wolves have suffered many years of persecution due to local beliefs and superstitions, as well as hunting and trapping for their fur. While legal protections in some areas have helped those populations recover, they are still at risk from habitat loss and fragmentation
  • Wolves are one of the most influential ecosystem engineers, creating habitats for an abundance of species
  • They are a very intelligent and social species. Howling is an important part of wolf communication - calling pack members to a hunt, as an alarm, to locate pack members across large distances, and for pack bonding


Here at RZSS, our wolves are part of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) which ensures a healthy and genetically diverse population.

Like all the animals in our care, our wolves are amazing ambassadors for their relatives in the wild and help hundreds of thousands of people connect with nature every year. They encourage visitors to learn about the threats facing wildlife and the action they can take to help create a world where nature is protected, valued, and loved.

As a wildlife conservation charity, we care for the animals here at the park and work to protect species at risk around the world. From providing expertise in genetics and veterinary health to protecting wild places with local conservation partners, and even restoring threatened species to the wild, we are active where we are needed most.

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