Scotland's Wildlife Discovery Centre

We're excited to share that Scotland's Wildlife Discovery Centre at Highland Wildlife Park is now open to explore!

Transform your visit to the park with our three new buildings, featuring an interactive exhibition, a hilltop den where you can learn about our conservation work and new classrooms to provide space for local communities to engage with the natural world.

We can't wait to welcome you to the park for your next visit, where you can discover our amazing new spaces.

Our new gateway to the natural world

interior of the gateway with colourful interp signage IMAGE: RZSS 2024

The Gateway

An Doras (UN DOH-rus), also known as the Gateway, is an immersive and exciting space connecting amazing global species to wonderful Scottish wildlife through games, technology and stories of the past, present, future, animals, people and places.

exterior shot of learning hive with grass on roof and hills in background IMAGE:RZSS 2024

The Learning Hive

A' Chaonnag (A' CH UH- nyak), also known as the Learning Hive, will give groups and communities the chance to explore the world of wildlife, providing accessible programmes to connect people to nature and conservation through engaging sessions and outdoor learning.

conservation den interior with interpretation signage on the walls IMAGE: RZSS 2024

Conservation Den

An Saobhaidh (UN SUH-vee), also known as the Conservation Den, offers 360 degree views of the landscape, looking into the area of the park where our wildcats are bred for release into the wild. In the den, visitors can sit, take a moment and explore the amazing conservation work that is happening.