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Daily Talks
  • 11.00am Snow Monkey scatter feed

    11.00am Snow Monkeys

    Find out more about our snow monkeys!

  • 12.00pm Wildcat talk

    Woodland Walk

    Watch the Scottish wildcats being fed whilst learning about the important conservation efforts to save this native species.

  • 1.15pm Male Polar bear feed and talk

    Don't miss our polar bear talk, where you can watch a feed and find out more about these incredible animals.

  • 1.45pm Snow leopard feed

    Area at the top of the exhibit

    Marvel at our snow leopards being fed while learning all about them from their dedicated keepers.

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Can you help the animals at Highland Wildlife Park this June?

Support us

Help keep the animals safe

The animals at Highland Wildlife Park are loved by so many people. But while we are closed, they are relying on your donations to care for them. Every month, we need to raise thousands of pounds just to buy the food the animals need.

We want to reopen for you soon. But until then, our charity has no income or government support.

If you can, please give a donation today.

Thank you for caring for the animals in your park.