If you can’t come to the park, let the park come to you! RZSS can send a qualified member of our discovery and learning team to your location to host an engaging talk or workshop. Alternately, if you would like RZSS to provide presence at a booth for your festival, fair, or other event, please contact the team directly at community@rzss.org.uk.

Please note that outreach programmes do not include live animals in any capacity.

Explore some of our offerings below!

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Community group the Wildlife Wombles clearing out an enclosure IMAGE: Unknown 2024

Outreach talks

All community talks are 30-45 minutes in length, allowing time for a concluding Q&A. Talks are developed with adult audiences in mind unless otherwise noted. 

two adults and baby wild chimpanzees in Budongo forest sitting on forest floor

RZSS to the rescue: conservation stories from around the world

As a global wildlife conservation charity, RZSS works hard to protect and save species all over the world! In this talk,  journey through some of our most exciting, world-changing conservation projects, and meet some of the animals we're helping to save throughout the amazing, one-of-a kind planet we all call home. 

Wildcat head close up looking to the left IMAGE: Laura Moore 2020

Scotland’s wildcats: the cat, the myth, the legend

In this dynamic talk, learn all about the ways wildcats are imbedded in Scottish history, and why we are working so hard as part of the Saving Wildcats partnership project to secure their place as an iconic and integral part of Scotland’s future.

Pine hoverfly on a plant IMAGE: Jess Wise 2022

Sticking up for the wee ones

Though they are small, insects are mighty! In this talk learn about how our planet depends upon some of the most unknown and unappreciated creatures. Discover why their numbers are dropping so quickly and how RZSS is sticking up for the wee ones by inspiring everyone to protect, value and love them.

Outreach workshops

Amur tiger lying in grass Image: Amy Middleton

Enrichment workshop

Groups will learn about the ways RZSS uses behavioural enrichment to care for animals and have the opportunity to build an enrichment item for one of our animals!

Length: 45 minutes  

Appropriate for all ages.

HWP ranger Jasper with prop skull IMAGE: Allie McGregor

Skull discovery

This hands-on exploration uses animal skulls to teach animal adaptations. Groups will use their own observation and will be shocked at how much can be learned from just a skull!  

Length: 60 minutes  

Best for ages: 10+ 

Snow leopard Koshi stood on a snowy hillside looking at the camera [EYE CONTACT] IMAGE: Alyson Houston 2021

Building a zoo: exhibit design

Budding zoo architects look no further! This exciting workshop is all about how the park creates unique exhibit homes for each kind of animal. From feeding animals to giving them the proper spaces and toys, participants will learn the importance of the perfect animal habitat and do a little creating of their own!  

Length: 90 minutes  

Best for ages: 8+