What we do to save wild species

By 2030, working in Scotland and across the world, RZSS will reverse the decline of at least 50 species – from pine hoverflies and wildcats in the Cairngorms National Park to chimpanzees in Uganda, giant anteaters in Brazil and many more. This document outlines how we will evidence the species recovery process.

Our work with beavers, pine hoverflies and wildcats is just the beginning for native wildlife, and our longstanding collaboration with the Budongo Conservation Field Station in Uganda is a prime example of our global conservation work.

Carl Allott at pine hoverfly release in the Cairngorms

IMAGE: Jess Wise 2021

Some of our conservation projects...

Wildcat head close up looking to the left IMAGE: Laura Moore 2020


RZSS has been involved in wildcat conservation for over 10 years and we are lead partner in Saving Wildcats, a project breeding and releasing wildcats into the Scottish Highlands.

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Three Dama gazelle in the wild 

IMAGE: Pixabay

Dama gazelle

RZSS helped develop a globally inclusive captive management plan for dama gazelles, as well as inform how best to conserve genetic diversity within the remaining wild populations.

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Pallas's cat


Pallas's cat

RZSS is helping to address the lack of data for Pallas’s cat in a the wild. By teaming up with Nordens Ark and Snow Leopard Trust, RZSS has helped establish the first global conservation project for the species.

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