Curious about animals? Make the most of your visit to Highland Wildlife Park by attending one of our daily animal talks and encounters!

This page is updated at 10am daily. Talks and tours are subject to change and are located at the featured animal enclosure unless stated otherwise.

Wildcat head close up looking to the left IMAGE: Laura Moore 2020

11:30am – Wildcats

Scotland’s wildcats are on the brink of extinction after hundreds of years of persecution and habitat loss, followed by breeding with domestic cats (known as hybridisation). Now critically endangered in Britain, there are barely a handful left and scientific research has confirmed the species will not survive without help. Learn more about these highland tigers and discover great grey owl and Himalayan monal that share a home with them in Wildcat Wood!

Polar bear cub Brodie looking at camera with tongue out [eye contact] IMAGE: Amy Middleton 2022

1pm – Polar bears: Victoria and Brodie

How a polar bear grows up with its mother, what they eat in the wild and at the park, and the adaptations they have developed to survive in a frozen and watery landscape.

Amur tiger lying on wooden plinth Image: Amy Middleton

2:30pm – Amur tigers

The biggest big cat, and the only cold adapted tiger. What family life is like as the cubs grow up to become independent. The world’s fiercest cat is in a fragile situation what does RZSS do to protect tigers, and what can we as citizens do to support tiger conservation.

Reindeer looking to the left. Antlers are starting to grow from their head. IMAGE: Amy Middleton 2023

3:30pm – Forest reindeer

What makes a reindeer special? Reindeer are a member of the deer family, but they have so many features- like huge feet, UV sensitive eyes, and a dramatically changing seasonal coat, which make them a very special deer indeed.