Education has been at the heart of RZSS for over four decades and sits within the Discovery and Learning team. 

From nursery to tertiary and beyond encompassing both formal and informal learning, the team create and deliver unique experiences for learners and daily visitors, encouraging excitement and exploration though interactive learning programmes and interpretation.

HWP ranger Jasper giving a talk in front of signage IMAGE: Jess Wise 2024
Bactrian camel looking to the left IMAGE: Sian Addison 2019


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European grey wolf surrounded by trees looking to the right IMAGE: Amy Middleton 2023

Primary education

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A male Himalayan monal walking to the left. He is brightly coloured with blue feathers IMAGE: Jessica Wise 2019

Secondary education

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Snow leopard Koshi stood on snowy hillside looking to the left. IMAGE: Alyson Houston 2021

Higher education

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Two members of vicuna herd one with head down and one looking up with some grass in its mouth

Image: LAURA MOORE 2023

Tertiary education

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Young wildcat in enclosure at Highland Wildlife Park looking up


Home educators

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Wolverine sitting in the grass looking to the right IMAGE: Amy Middleton 2023

Family programmes

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Yak lying down in the grass looking at the camera IMAGE: Laura Moore 2023

ASN groups

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Amur tiger lying on wooden plinth Image: Amy Middleton

Education outreach

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