The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Highland Wildlife Park is celebrating the birth of two Endangered Przewalski's horse foals, born in April to mums Tuya and Ieda 

Staff at the wildlife conservation charity are delighted to welcome the first births this year in the drive-through reserve and expect more species, including their European bison and red deer, to give birth in the coming month. 

The Przewalski’s horse has been brought back from extinction in the wild following the success of rewilding and reintroduction projects, including in its native habitats in Mongolia.  

Keith Gilchrist, animal collection manager at Highland Wildlife Park, said, Both of our foals are getting on really well and can be spotted trotting around the reserve with the rest of the herd. 

“Their arrival represents a potentially important contribution to the future of this Endangered species, who have gone from being extinct in the wild to once again roaming their native habitat.  

“This huge feat and is directly attributable to the efforts of the zoo community and the successful reintroduction of this species shows just how important a carefully managed captive population is to restoring and safeguarding the future of animals.” 

Highland Wildlife Park reopened to local people on 26 March with a wide range of safety measures in place and will be able to welcome back visitors from across the UK on Monday 26 April. 

Keith added, “It has been great to be able to welcome our wonderful visitors back to the park and hope it won't be long before they can spot the youngsters in our drive-through reserve.  

“Every visit helps care for our amazing animals, like our Przewalski's horses, and protects threatened species in Scotland and across the world.”   

Visitors hoping to spot the foals must pre-book park tickets before their visit at 

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