Lockdown and life go on at Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park and here are some super cute pictures to prove it!

Rockhopper chick being weighed

Picture from senior penguin keeper Dawn

Our rockhopper chicks are growing up fast as you'll be able to see on our rockhopper cam. The keepers are still keeping a close eye on them which includes regular checks and weighing - sometimes in a woolly hat to keep them cosy if the weather is damp or chilly.

Dik-Dik baby born

Picture from hoofstock keeper Jamie Norris

Everyone, meet Cora, the latest arrival in our African Aviary. Born to mum Grace and dad Draxx on Friday 8 May, our tiny calf is doing well so far and keepers are keeping a close eye on her. Dik-diks are one of the smallest species of antelope, only growing to between 30 and 40 centimetres tall.

Baby Masindi doing well

Picture from Budongo and Living Links team leader Donald

Little Masindi is doing really well and growing more alert every day. Big brother Velu is also doing well, adjusting to not being the youngest member of our chimpanzee troop with about as much grace as he can muster. Did you spot Velu joining in with the dancing in our keepers' TikTok video?

Snow monkey babies born

Picture from carnivores team leader Vickie

At the park we've been joined by two newborn Japanese macaques who you might be able to spot on snow monkey cam. The troop are fed at around 11.30am every day so that's usually a good time to tune in.

Eurasian crane chick growing fast


Video from keepers Vickie and Laura

Our Eurasian crane chick is another fast grower! Mum and dad are taking great care of the youngster who enjoys snuggling in their feathers as you can see.

Last year's Arctic fox pup all grown up

Picture from carnivores team leader Vickie

Arctic fox pair, May and Bard had ten pups last year! Most moved on to other zoos but one female stayed with mum and dad. Here you can see dad Bard just starting to moult his winter coat (on the left) and daughter Sarah looking all grown up (on the right).

Can you help feed the animals you love?

While we're still closed with no visitor income, we are relying on donations from animals lovers like you to feed our animals including all our new arrivals. Our food bill alone costs £2,000 every day.

We've had amazing support from our members and others so far and really do need this to continue.

Visit edinburghzoo.org.uk/help, highlandwildlifepark.org.uk/help or rzss.org.uk/support

Thank you!

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