About RZSS

RZSS Management




CEO - Barbara Smith

Responsible for the business and operational performance, including retail, visitor services, sponsorship and fundraising and membership. Barbara has a wealth of experience in the tourist attraction sector, enjoying 10 years at Edinburgh Castle and holding the position of Managing Director at Chester Zoo prior to joining the RZSS.




Director of Finance & Resources - James Stewart

Responsible for all financial accounting and management activities such as financial forecasting and accounts, VAT, corporate governance, risk assessment, payroll, insurance, pensions administration, ICT planning, delivery, IT support and property and estates.

Contact the finance department: [email protected]

Director of Human Resources - Lindsay Macpherson

Responsible for leading the HR and Health & Safety teams to ensure best practice policy and process including the development and provision of a comprehensive HR/Health & Safety service across the organisation. Providing HR input to developing the strategic direction of the organisation and implementation of strategic/business planning.

Contact: [email protected]


Director of Giant Panda Project and Strategic Innovations - Iain Valentine

Responsible for maximizing the benefit of pandas to the RZSS, focusing his time and energy on panda breeding, research and cultural connections. He will also have a role in identifying potential strategic innovations.






Head of Business Operations & Visitor Services at Highland Wildlife Park - Daska MacKintosh

Responsible for managing the visitor experience and facilities at the Highland Wildlife Park.

Contact the Highland Wildlife Park: [email protected]


Head of Conservation Programmes - Sarah Robinson

Sarah's background in ecology has involved extensive field work periods in the Arctic, Antarctic and Scotland. Whilst she remains passionate about the Polar Regions her work with RZSS has expanded her experience to warmer climes and developed her project management skills.


Head of Living Collections at Edinburgh Zoo - Darren McGarry

Responsible for all species kept in the collection at Edinburgh Zoo, including husbandry and health management, nutrition and veterinary services. Originally employed on a youth training scheme, Darren has worked for the RZSS since 1986. He has worked with birds, primates and hoof stock and was Head hoof stock keeper for 10 years before becoming Animal Collection Manager, Head of Animals in 2011, and Head of Living Collections in 2013.

Contact the animal department: [email protected]

Head of Living Collections at Highland Wildlife Park - Douglas Richardson

Responsible for all species kept in the collection at the Highland Wildlife Park, including husbandry and health management, nutrition and veterinary services.

Contact the Highland Wildlife Park: [email protected]