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HWP Social Animals July

16/07/2016 in Highland Wildlife Park

Some of our favourite fan photos from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from July


Incredibly rare Scottish wildcat kittens born

13/07/2016 in Highland Wildlife Park

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) is incredibly pleased to welcome not one but two litters of Scottish wildcat kittens at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park. These kittens will go on to play a vital role in the conservation of the species.


Trainee keeper blog: Baby boom

07/07/2016 in Highland Wildlife Park

The Scottish seasons are becoming more and more difficult to decipher; sometimes summer can bring days of scorching sun, whilst other days bring monstrous hailstones and sheets of rain. However, there is one consistent indicator that summer has truly arrived, aside from the midges, and that is when the baby boom starts.


Bonnie baby bison

30/06/2016 in Highland Wildlife Park

Keepers at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park are pleased to announce the birth of two European bison calves in its herd in the main drive-through reserve.


Rare deer born at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park

28/06/2016 in Highland Wildlife Park

Keepers are delighted to have recently welcomed a rare Bukhara deer fawn to our herd in the Cairngorms.


HWP Social Animals June

20/06/2016 in Highland Wildlife Park

Some of our favourite social animal photos so far this month


Cat Conservation Blog: Iberian lynx recovery project…is this the model for Scottish wildcats?

03/06/2016 in Conservation

As part of Scottish Wildcat Action, RZSS has been tasked with coordinating a conservation breeding programme for future releases. To do this effectively we not only have to manage the existing captive population, undertake cutting edge genetic work and liaise with landowners across Scotland; we also need to look to other similar projects across the globe to ensure we are constantly learning and developing new techniques that will aid future success.


Doubly elk-citing new arrivals

02/06/2016 in Highland Wildlife Park

The latest new arrivals in the Highlands are two elk twins, born on 15 May. With their long, gangly legs and adorably oversized ears, the youngsters are already stealing visitors’ hearts.


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