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Genetics & Inheritance - Secondary Lesson Programme

Location: Edinburgh Zoo & Highland Wildlife Park

Lesson Duration: Up to 1 hour 50 minutes.

Maximum Class Size: 25

Age Suitability: Secondary S3 - S6.


Using examples of animals in the Park, we cover topics such as inheritance, di-hybrid crosses, mutations and genetic diversity.

Lesson Outline

An introduction to the topic of genetics and inheritance. Pupils take part in an interactive session at the Education Centre involving various activities.

This lesson can be tailored to your personal curriculum requirements:

S3 - S4 (1hr 20mins) -  This session uses animal handling to show continuous and discontinuous variation. Using penguins and jaguars as examples, students then learn about monohybrid crosses. The session ends with a tour of these species.

S5 - S6 (1hr 50mins) - This interactive session looks at the importance of genetic diversity in conserving endangered species from extinction.