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Dead as a Dodo

Location: Edinburgh Zoo & Highland Wildlife Park

Age suitability: P1 – 3
Maximum Class Size: 25
Length of lesson: 50 minutes
Lesson Outline
An introduction to conservation and reasons for it. Children discover what happened to the Dodo through an interactive story. Discussing terms such as ‘extinct’ and ‘endangered’ children will find out what we can do to stop the fate of the Dodo being shared by other species.
Learning outcomes
  • To know that animals and plants can become endangered or extinct
  • To understand that humans can cause species to become endangered or extinct
  • To know that there are things that can be done to protect species from extinction
Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes
  • SOC 0-08a ‘I explore and appreciate the wonder of nature within different environments and have played a part in caring for the environment.’

  • SCN 0-01a ‘I have observed living things in the environment over time and am becoming aware of how they depend on each other.